A DIG Film

It is hard to capture the full impact Development in Gardening (DIG) is having on the lives of people affected by HIV throughout Africa. But this 10 minute short does an amazing job telling some of the thousands of stories lived by our farmers and friends. Travel with DIG to rural East Africa into the gardens and homes where we have been planting seeds. See through their eyes the power a single garden can have to transform the world.

This is DIG. Reap Life from Development in Gardening (DIG) on Vimeo.

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Hellen Sells her Kale

Hellen Odira Omingo was having a tough time supporting her children after she was widowed. She joined a DIG Training at Lwala Community Alliance in sustainable agriculture. She then participated in DIG's Producer Group Program and is now selling African kale (Skuma Wiki) to her daughter's secondary school to support her family.