Meet Mary Akinyi

maryMary Akinyi Ogallo is mother of 3 and supports two other kids in her area. She is married and her husband is no longer working.

Mary works as a tailor at Lwala Community Alliance and is an active member of the ART support group. She is also one of DIG's best farmers, always attentive and hard working in each training session.

At her home, Mary carried on that same work ethic and built over 38 beds and grows kales, black nightshades, onions, and spider plant. She eats out of the garden three times a day and sells excess produce as well.

People are so interested in my garden. Over 30 people have came to my house to ask about it. Neighbors ask how I made it, what I was growing, if I could train many questions about the garden.

I have trained some of them and will hopefully continue to train friends who are interested!

Mary makes 300 KSH a week from produce sales and was a top graduate in DIG's sustainable agriculture training.