Meet Emily Achieng

emilyEmily Achieng Obunga is a mother of two and at 24 years old she is the second youngest participant in the DIG training. Emily has a laugh and a smile that is completely contagious!

When Emily first started the training she had just given birth to a son. Emily started bringing the newborn to the trainings, wrapping him around her back while she worked. The baby at first had no name, as is tradition. In Luo culture, the naming of a child is an important and yet strangely flexible process. Unlike American parents, Luo parents often wait days or even weeks before naming their baby.

Emily who was inspired by DIG decided to name her baby, DIG. Baby DIG is now 9 months old, strong and healthy and is already learning how to walk!

Emily does not only work hard in the garden, she also has an amazingly innate talent for organic agriculture. She has a huge garden at her home in Kameji Village. She has planted an amazing variety of cowpeas, kales, onions, cilantro, carrots, French beans, pumpkins, and spider plants.

From the things we get here (at the DIG training) we go and plant them in our garden. We save lives, improve our nutrition, then we also have some little money from the garden.

I think I am employed in my garden. It is like my self-employment!

Emily’s self-employment is earning her 700KSH a week for a total of 8,400KSH in the past 3 months. She has trained over 10 of her friends in the area and is looking to further her agricultural education by applying for scholarships to go to college for a degree in organic agriculture.