Here are several ways you can advocate for issues that DIG believes in: 

  • DIG works with several of United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals: Eradicate Poverty and Hunger, Reduce Child Mortality, Combat HIV/AIDS, and Ensure Environmental Sustainability.  It is important to keep our administration focused on global health needs in low-resources settings. Join the End Poverty Millennium Campaign.
  • Support a local sustainable food system.  The sames issues that DIG faces in Africa impact our  local communities in the states; poverty, disease, and food insecurity.  Eat locally, support community gardens and local farm initiatives, and advocate with like minded campaigns such as Grow OXFAM, 30 Project or Slow Food Movement
  • Better nutrition equals better education.  DIG develops nutrition programs and agricultural curriculum with the schools that we work with in Kenya.  It is important that children have access to good nutrition and understand the importance of healthy food.  Two campaigns that we support in the USA are  One Tray Campaign and Farm to School.