St. Lucia Orphanage 

DIG has helped create a sustainable garden to help supplement the heightened nutritional needs of 26 HIV positive orphans.  The St. Lucia orphanage is a rare gem since they are one of very few orphanages that accepts only HIV positive orphans.  All the children living at the orphanage need a micro-nutrient rich diet to sustain their delicate immune system.  Many of the children are on ARV’s and need the vegetables to increase the effectiveness yet reduce the side-effects of the medications.  

The St. Lucia orphanage is a beautiful site that is large enough for us to demonstrate several agricultural techniques to fit their needs.  The garden is just a piece of their plan of being self-sustaining.  They also have cows, chickens and rabbits will be coming soon to meet their need for protein.  

For more information please visit Karama Connection.  An incredible woman named Connie Naber has been helping these kids create a better life for themselves.  She has been a great inspiration and we are very happy that DIG has been able to contribute to their growth.



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