Omotepe Island 

Based on Omotepe Island in southern Nicaragua, Project Bona Fide is a non-profit organization working to support and educate rural farming communities. Short- and long-term projects address issues of food security.  One of these projects is Café Infantil, a meal program for school-age children at risk for malnutrition. DIG has worked with the families of Café Infantil to create a community garden improving nutritional diversity in their diets.  This garden supports Café Infantil’s long-term vision of meeting its own food needs with food grown within and by the community.  In the village of Balgue where Project Bona Fide is located, almost all the vegetables available are purchased off the island and imported at raised prices, making them inaccessible to much of the population. DIG’s Home Urban program provides opportunities for single mothers and needy families to supplement their nutrition sources and open up the potential for a local vegetable markets.

The Cafe Infantil project, while not HIV focused, has been a positive experience for the growth and development of the surrounding community.


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