DIG's Mission

CarrotsOur mission is to improve the nutrition and health of HIV-affected and at-risk populations through sustainable gardening.

We do this by training people in agriculture and nutrition and providing resources to create projects that empower communities to meet their own needs.

DIG’s Objectives

  • Improve the health of individuals through gardens designed to meet specific nutritional needs
  • Work with participants to build agricultural skills necessary to develop and maintain diverse, sustainable gardens
  • Build the capacity of gardeners as local resources for information, education, and replication of garden projects at home and in the community
  • Link nutrition, gardening, and health
  • Enhance community’s food security and livelihoods

DIG’s Core Values

  • We engage in grassroots initiatives with a goal of sustainable change
  • We believe every person has a right to good nutrition
  • We offer environmentally, economically, culturally, and educationally appropriate responses
  • We believe in collaborative partnerships